Binder Textile Printing Resin


®Subratex 100 is a suitable binder for pigment preparations for printing woven fabrics of all types offiber. Prints produced with ®Subratex 100 have very high brilliance.®Subratex 100 has very good electrolyte stability; its stability is not affected by addition of acids in the concentration required, for instance, for resist prints. Owing to its very high stability to heat and excellent stability tomechanical stress,®Subratex 100 is not adversely affected by strong shear forces(such as those exerted in the vessels in which stock thickenings/print pastes are prepared and also during the printing process itself)and the associated increase in temperature.Print pastes prepared with ®Subratex 100 have excellent printing properties.Moreover, they do not tend to clog screens, even those covered with very fine gauze fabrics.

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